Why ACEducation Services

  • ACEducation Services is the leading international student recruitment company with its head office in Canada.
  • It has most prominent & sought after public colleges & universities within Canada, USA, UK, Australia & New Zealand.
  • Having a focused leadership of Mr. Nasir J. Farooqi, Director of Admissions, having an extensive 12 years’ experience of international student recruitment its success is foreseen in the coming days.
  • Further teaming up with like-minded personals its business process has proven to be the best.
  • On its panel are the foreign delegates from the linked Colleges & Universities who personally evaluate the profiles of the prospects & give feedback.
  • ACEducation Services gives its clients personalized services & guidance at each evolving step during the application submission.
  • ACEducation Services makes sure that the candidate is fully aware of the visa issuance procedure & process.
  • The candidate has full support of ACEducation Services during the documentation & preparing of all required credentials.
  • The candidate can trust & acquire ACEducation Services even after getting the visa till he/she reaches the destination & enrolls into the program.
  • ACEducation Services not just focuses on candidate’s one time goal of study abroad but guides him/her towards how to successfully accomplish their goal reaching out to get a Permanent Resident (PR) status & filing for Immigration.
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