Need to prepare a checklist when applying as an International Student

As thrilling as it seems to be! You have to make the most out of your study abroad adventure. Not just study but you are going to give a part of your life to this expedition so just be willing to enjoy as well by planning beforehand. There would be timely planning phases.

  1. 9 to 12 months before
  • When planning about studying abroad do start talking about it with your family, teachers and peers.
  • Contact a study abroad consultant or ACEducation Services for that matter and take advice on choosing the right program.
  • Also, consult your academic advisor within your college about the procedure of transferring your credits for overseas study program.
  • Once the program is finalized review its expense in detail and also prepare your application as listed.
  • Do research on the country you are applying for and do not hesitate to contact other former study abroad students. Their advice would be very valuable.
  • If on scholarship or financial aid do discuss with your sponsor if the scholarship would be able to cover all cost or how much cost, you would have to face on your own.
  • Get your recommendation letters ready.
  • Keep all your transcripts with you.
  • And finally, apply for the program.

2.  6 to 9 months before

  • Apply for your passports or visas, if required
  • Apply for your International Identity Card (IIC). On its bases you would be getting many discount offering on various services and events abroad.
  • Become member of some hosteling network.
  • Read on lifestyle, language and culture of the hosting country.
  • Be willing to expect a cultural shock.

3.  3 to 6 months before

  • Settle your finances and get credit cards that would work globally.
  • Keep high grades during your studies rather day dreaming.
  • Research about venues of your interest in host country like; soccer, cinemas or movies.

4.  1 to 3 months before

  • Get your medical checkup from authorized practitioners and hospital. Get vaccinations.
  • Book your flight. Here your IIC card may become handy and avail you some sweet discounts
  • Notify every one of your departure including your employers and landlords.

5.  Few weeks before

  • Take all your prescribed medicines with you.
  • Don’t forget to pack your important utensils like; your eye glasses or contact lens
  • Do remember to get your medical and travel insurance done
  • Acknowledge everyone who was there to guide you
  • do register your first semester beforehand whether online or through a consultant (i.e. ACEducation Services)
  • keep all documents with you; scholarships, financial aid, transcripts, passport, visa, etc.

6.  one week before

  • buy gifts for your host family or if in a dorm it would work out as a token and get you some extra help in a foreign country
  • get an international phone and card.
  • Make several copies of all the documents – credit cards, passport, visa, credentials, IIC, etc.
  • Make sure you have all contacts that you would be meeting with including your program coordinators.
  • Get your exchange currency with you during travel (e.g. $200)
  • Confirm your flight.
  • Start packing

7.  Night before

  • Re-confirm your flight
  • Take extra care packing your carry bag having passport, air ticket, emergency contacts, change of clothes, toothpaste and brush, wallet with credit card and traveler’s cash, and take liquids.

8.  Departure day

  • Arrive at the airport well ahead of time.
  • If the flight is delayed and you are getting picked up in the host country tell them in advance
  • If no one is there to pick you get yourself a cab ready through a known cab company before departure

9.  Upon arrival

  • Announce your safe arrival back at home
  • Do attend all the orientation meetings, lunches, and events offered by your program
  • Check out for your safety keeping yourself guarded
  • Don’t comment and give any negative remarks about your surroundings
  • Drop in your embassy
  • Feel the difference and acknowledge it

10.  Also, plan for your return likewise